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Books and Bridges, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the importance of women holding leadership roles. Our organization takes a multifaceted approach to encourage young girls to learn more about female leadership, from holding events at elementary schools across the nation, to conducting interviews with accomplished female role models, to publishing articles in our affiliated women's advocacy magazine, The Alcott Youth Magazine. To celebrate Women's History Month in 2023, we have partnered with Inspiring Girls USA to launch an exciting national campaign, #TurnThePage.



We believe that discussing women in leadership roles is important for acknowledging women in history and furthering confidence in young girls. Our organization has read stories focusing on female leaders to thousands of elementary students in the past, stretching from schools in the East Coast to as far as Seattle. We also hold frequent interviews with female leaders, such as NASA scientist Vandana Verma and ABC executive producers DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler, in order to provide young girls with firsthand examples of women successful in their fields. Join us in the coming weeks for our interview with Pulitzer Traveling Fellow and New York Times Senior Strategist Chloe Shakin!


We hope to foster a dialogue about women in leadership throughout schools and communities for many years to come. Past children's books in our curriculum have included Rosie Revere, EngineerWho Says Women Can't Be Doctors?, and Kamala and Maya's Big Idea



Books and Bridges holds interviews with inspirational female leaders for volunteers, elementary students, and other interested guests to attend. Many conversations from these interviews are later published as articles featured in our affiliated magazine, The Alcott Youth Magazine.

Our organization has also included a small collection of our favorite articles from the magazine to be featured on the Books and Bridges website. 



In addition to stories, interactive games, and trivia, Books and Bridges, Inc. also has student activity worksheets for teachers to use during or after reading sessions, depending on their own lesson plans. These activity worksheets include word searches, leadership guides, and more. For current examples, please visit the links below:


Books and Bridges, Inc: Word Search Activity


Books and Bridges, Inc: Leadership Activity

Books and Bridges, Inc: Dreams Activity

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