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Books and Bridges, Inc. originally began as a small school club. After realizing that girls felt discouraged from speaking up and holding leadership roles in our community, we hoped to show younger students that women can overcome any and all societal limitations. However, we soon visited all of our local elementary schools and needed to expand in order to continue reading. We then decided to register our group as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are now expanding our mission to places we previously thought impossible. More about our story can be read in The Augment Review.




Kaitlyn Donato is the founder and president of Books and Bridges, Inc. She is pursuing her A.B. at Princeton University and loves to read and write in her spare time. Although some of her favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald and J.D. Salinger, she has always felt discouraged by the lack of women in literature. She also believes that women are underrepresented in politics, entrepreneurship, and general discussions of history. To combat this lack of representation, she wishes to show all girls examples of women in leadership. She hopes to continue this organization for many years to come and to make Books and Bridges, Inc. a lifelong project. She also founded a magazine focusing on women's advocacy, The Alcott Youth Magazine.



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Inspiring Girls USA is an 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to fostering the ambitions of young girls by connecting them with female role models. The organization, which aims to show girls that they can break down gender barriers and achieve their highest aspirations, has assisted Books and Bridges in setting up interviews with women successful in their fields.  We would like to especially thank Erin Brown of Inspiring Girls for connecting our nonprofits!

Books and Bridges would also like to thank the WFEE committee for their generous grant. All proceeds will go towards purchasing over one hundred books for elementary school classrooms, including The Girl with a Mind for MathThe Paper Bag Princess, and The Story of Simone Biles.



Participating Elementary Classes



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